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oversea study program

Oversea Study Program

Oversea Study Program

Accident Insurance for Students during Educational and Research Activities

All students including research students have to purchase Accident Insurance for Educational and Research Activities. This insurance is against any accidental injuries incurred during educational and research activities.

Compensable Injuries by This Insurance

During curricular course;

During official activities;

Accidental injuries during official events at the university such as entrance ceremony, graduation ceremony or orientations.

In the campus facilities;

Accidental injuries in the campus facilities during a lunch break or a break between classes and so on.

During extracurricular activities officially allowed by the university;

Accidental injuries during extracurricular activities organized by the university wherever they happen.

On the way to or from the campus;

Accidental injuries on the way to the campus for curricular classes, extracurricular classes or official activities and on the way back home after them.

Accidental injuries during moving between university facilities;

The situation is to be a part of extracurricular activities organized by the university.

When you are injured in an accident;

Please visit or contact the student affairs office as soon as possible and send an application form to the insurance company within 30 days of the accident. The application form is available at the student affairs office.

  • Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research (PAISPER) of Japan Education Exchanges and Services
  • Insurance may not be paid for accidental injuries during certain activities such as dangerous sports.

    Optional Insurance

    Optional insurance against damages you might cause to other persons or properties is also available.