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oversea study program

oversea study program

Oversea Study Program

Oversea Study Program

After-School Jobs

To Students who Wish to Work at After-School Jobs.

As described in Handbook for Students, we consider it is not desirable for students to work at after-school jobs because it will disturb their school work or research work to some extent. Accordingly, we provide job information at the student affairs office only for students who need after-school jobs for financial reasons.

Job offers will be posted on a display board outside of the student affairs office. It is recommended for students to confirm the details of working terms and conditions by themselves before being employed.

Please note that some jobs have the potential of causing an accident.

Unfavorable jobs for students are listed below.

♦ Works at risk of injury

  1. Handling of automatic machines such as lathe machines, drilling machines or grass cutters.
  2. Handling of high-voltage equipments or high-pressure gas.
  3. Driving of vehicles or motorcycles (including working as an assistant).

♦ Works at risk of health damage

  1. Handling of hazardous chemicals including agrichemicals.
  2. Working under extremely high or low temperature.
  3. Working in extremely noisy or dusty environments, or in environments with hazardous gases.

♦ Works at risk of violation of the law

  1. Being involved in a labor dispute.
  2. Working for a recruitment agency.
  3. Marketing through multilevel distributionship.
  4. Working in the conditions of gender segregation.
  5. Distributing flyers without permission.

♦ Others

  1. Door-to-door sales.
  2. Working in gambling places.
  3. Working as a counter attendant handling a large amount of money.
  4. Working at an entertainment and amusement business.
  5. Jobs relating to elections.
  6. Working for money lending institutions.
  7. Missionary work.