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As we can see from the historical fact that cryogenic conditions brought by the success of the liquefaction of helium led to the discovery of superconductivity, the realization of extreme conditions has opened up a new research area in material science. "Center for Novel Material Science under Multi-Extreme Conditions", bringing us the expression and the breakthrough of novel phenomena, has been opened in the Graduate School of Material Science in 2012 fiscal year. By multiplexing the traditional extreme conditions and establishing the experimental method under "multiple extreme conditions on the single digit" with a new idea and further providing a forum for research and education beyond the field of existing research, this research center aims to breakthrough of material science and enhance the education of the Graduate School. This research center will also contribute significantly to the achievement of the purpose of the Graduate School, that is, "to train researchers and educators that combines world renowned highly specialized knowledge and broad perspective of natural science in general."

Director Hisao Kobayashi

New Topics

This "Center for Novel Material Science under Multi-Extreme Conditions" has been established.
The kick-off symposium was held.