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Md Shajedul Haque

Md Shajedul HaqueBiochemistry(Enrollment in 2017)
I am fortunate to be a member of this leading doctoral program. Personally, I chose this program because it offers a superlative doctoral curriculum and cutting-edge research facilities. Another notable point of this program is the aim to recruit several international students, ensuring assembled diversity. I sincerely appreciate the fact that all the staff and professors helped me cope with the new environment, culture, and research area. Initially, I was afraid about the language barrier when I was planning to apply to this program. Fortunately, the official language of English is staunchly preserved and is a great advantage for an international student.

Yu Huaxin

Yu HuaxinTheoretical Research on Protein Functions(Enrolled in 2017)
It was a great opportunity for me to interact with different kinds of advanced technology. The basic courses were quite demanding and plenty, therefore I could experience the essence of each technique comprehensively in a short time. Consequently, I could make an informed decision regarding selecting my future Ph.D. research. Moreover, my communication skills increased during the training courses, which was an amazing experience. I thoroughly enjoyed myself in the Leading Program and have currently joined a laboratory. I perceive this as a challenge and I will spare no effort to overcome obstacles.

Mohamad Jamali Muhamad Arif

Mohamad Jamali Muhamad ArifCellular Regulation II(Enrollment in 2016)
Joining this program helped me to enter a new phase of life. I have learned many things and I need to learn more. The series of training schedules helped me to realize how advanced technology can be and about helping people through daily research. Structural training in biology is very specific, and now I understand how important this field is and that it has a bright future. Another good thing about this program is that the students come from different countries, so I can learn about other cultures and the world.

Mohamad Ikhwan Bin Jamaludin

Mohamad Ikhwan Bin JamaludinMolecular Biochemistry II(Enrollment in 2016)
I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to join the Leading Program in Picobiology. This program has broadened my perspective on the importance of biological research. In addition, I learned that pursuing a doctorate is not only about mastering my personal research, but also to gain a bigger picture of other research, problem solving, communications, and leadership. Because of the wealth of expertise and facilities affiliated with the Leading Program (SPring-8, SACLA, RIKEN, JAEA, and so on), I have many opportunities to explore the wonders of life from the smallest machines working inside cells, which are proteins.

Li Hongjie

Li HongjieMacromolecule Structure(Enrollment in 2016)
I joined a laboratory after completing basic courses and lab rotation, which took eight months, and I will begin my internship in several months. The study and schedule here are quite busy, and, of course, colorful. I certainly enjoyed studying in the Leading Program. Many experts in several fields delivered lectures and helped us to understand their work from the basic to the complex. The lab rotation in four laboratories provided me with an opportunity to expand my perspective and choose a project of personal interest. Now, the challenge is coming, and I will get ready for it.

Takahiro Imanishi

Takahiro ImanishiProtein Crystallography I(Enrollment in 2016)
Participating in the leading program, I found many opportunities for growth. The program offers opportunities to learn about advances in the scientific field. In addition, the program helps us improve leadership and communication skills through its internships, studying abroad programs, and international symposiums. I think that these experiences are useful for us in researching and working in the field in the future. I have research my project with growing me during a half of years in the program.

Hiroshi Nishigami

Hiroshi NishigamiTheoretical Research for Protein Functions(Enrollment in 2016 Admission to the 3rd grade)
Our Picobiology course contains many aspects, such as studying abroad to improve our language skills in the US and research work in a foreign lab, and an internship in a company.. These aspects are tough but inspiring. So, if you want to challenge them, they provide us great opportunities to become future global leaders. All students in the course take various types of training relevant to biological studies. For example, in some lectures, the latest scientific technologies are introduced. Actually, I experienced and learned many skills through the internship and technical courses. So, I would like to apply the skills that I have obtained here for creating greater advantages for our society.

Takuya Sumi

Takuya SumiTheoretical Research for Protein Functions(Enrollment in 2016)
The training in this leading program is aimed at producing global leaders. What do we need and what do we have to do, in order to be a global leader? We are currently challenging many curriculums positively, such as internship, study abroad, and organization of an international symposium. Through these opportunities, I intend to find answers to those questions and to obtain leadership skills. My research ability and skills at expressing my opinion are currently far from the perfect, and thus I intend to apply great efforts to achieve my ideal capability though this leading program.

Hiroaki Matsuura

Hiroaki MatsuuraProtein Crystallography I(Enrollment in 2015)
This leading program provides many opportunities (e.g., structural biology training course, study abroad, and internship) for broadening our horizons, improving our problem-solving skills, and enhancing our global communication skills. These skills are essential for next generation leaders. I have many friends in this course and we encourage each other. This environment not only enables me to introspect and think about our goals but also motivates me to aim higher.

Kakeru Sakabe

Kakeru SakabeTheoretical Research for Protein Functions(Enrollment in 2015 Admission to the 2nd grade)
I have had many opportunities to learn different things here. I could learn about many fields, not just one. This is a characteristic feature of this program. Further, the lecture on career path was a good experience for me. I learned about the careers of people who graduated from this university and how this program prepared them for their careers. It was a fresh experience for me because I had not studied in a university before.

Mohammad Abdul Auwal

Mohammad Abdul AuwalRegeneration Biology I(Enrollment in 2015)
I consider myself lucky to join the leading program that is linked with the world's most advanced Picobiology practices in Spring-8, SACLA and JAEA. The scope of learning and training provided here; has exceeded my expectation. The lab rotation facility gave me the opportunity to know what I want to work with and then I have joined the laboratory of regeneration biology. The best thing about research is one can constantly learn new things, encounter new challenges, and improve problem solving skills. I hope my research here, can open up new lines of inquiry and I want to use it as the foundation for a fruitful career.

Luo Fangjia

Luo FangjiaTheoretical Research for Protein Functions(Enrolled 2014 Finished 2017)
Studying in the Leading Program (LP) undoubtedly expands my outlook horizon and perspective, also gives me great opportunity to achieve my goal. Since October, many professors who are experts in this area worked with the LP introduced us the Picobiology in several distinctive points of view. That really enriches my knowledge and helps me start the research and work soon. Also the classmates are from several countries, the ccollision and mixture of different culture highly improve my communication skill. Right now I'm really looking forward to the experiment training in several top facilities next semester. Hopefully with such great environment provided by the LP I can help a little bit for studying protein more clearly and deeply that may help us to know and control our fate more.

Kim Jeahyun

Kim JeahyunTheoretical Research for Protein Functions(Enrollment in 2013)
The leading program provides me with an opportunity to change my life as I have envisioned. If ones want to change their life, they should focus on their own goals. However, it is generally difficult because we have to do many things in our life. So in order to change life, people need solid support-systems in different fields. The leading program is providing me the support required to change my life.

Junya Kirima

Junya KirimaFunctional Nanometry of Biological Macromolecule(Enrollment in 2013)
"People who are too specialized in a specialty field are hard to manage."This is the poor image that exists of PhDs in the corporate world, but it is not the case. Equipped with the ability to solve problems and engage in critical thinking, specialists with PhDs have the ability to manage projects. In this program, I can receive education that equips me with an international sensibility as well as ethical and philosophical understanding, which further provides me with a sophisticated ability to address a broad range of perspectives. I can feel my own growth, albeit gradually.

Li Chen

Li ChenProtein Crystallography II(Enrollment in 2013)
After joining the leading program for nearly two years, I have learnt about how to be a leader. A leader should have good communication skills with different people from different countries. Another important ability is that the leader not only needs high quality training but also need experience in a supervisory role to lead the group in conducting research activities efficiently, creatively, and professionally.

Taiki Motomura

Taiki MotomuraMacromolecule Structure(Enrollment in 2013)
The picobiology program does not merely involve scientific expertise and technology, it is a program where you can experience leadership qualities, such as assertiveness and social interaction. For example, in this program, you not only conduct experiments in the world's most advanced research facility, including the SPring-8, but also participate in activities including the planning and management of, and internships in, international symposia aimed at exchanges with external laboratories. Through this program, you can discover your drawbacks and strive to be the leader you envision yourself to be.

Kohei Nukina

Kohei NukinaBiological Signaling II(Enrollment in 2013)
I think what I gained most from participating in this program was a wide range of experiences, such as training at SPring-8 and JAEA, and a one-month language course abroad that I was able to participate in through the program. Also, this is a unique program wherein classes are conducted by external lecturers, who present varied ways of thinking about biology, such as scientific ethics or chemical policy theory. I would like to devote myself to capitalizing on what I have gained through this program.

Ryuji Yanase

Ryuji YanaseMolecular Biomechanics(Enrollment in 2013)
In this program, we learn a wide range of knowledge and experimental techniques in life science with a focus on structural biology. In addition, through the special lectures for our career paths and internships, I was taught the way of thinking and general education that I should have as a working adult. Furthermore, exchanges with students in the leading programs across the country greatly stimulate my own way of thinking and life.

Menega Ganasen

Menega GanasenCellular Regulation II(Enrollment in 2014)
Decision-making is a very crucial issue in our daily life. Many things need to be considered before, and the consequences need to be faced. The only way to know if we have made the right decision is from the self-accomplishment we receive from that. This is exactly what I feel about my choice of joining this leading program. I have the self-assurance that I have made the right decision and I never regret it.

Yuka Nakagawa

Yuka NakagawaSpectroscopy II(Enrollment in 2014)
I believe what makes this program unique is that one will be receiving equipment training at RIKEN's Harima campus, which is equipped with things such as the synchrotron radiation x-ray (SPring-8) and the electron microscope X-ray free electron laser (SACLA), and that most of the courses are conducted in English. One will have an opportunity only available here of having an expert in various fields provide thorough training on measurement technologies that are essential in conducting research in the future. Moreover, due to a high ratio of foreign exchange students in the program, you will naturally learn English out of necessity, and I think this is another major characteristic of this program.

Muadz Bin Ahmad Mazian

Muadz Bin Ahmad MazianBiological Signaling II(Enrollment in 2014)
After joining this leading program, I am very satisfied with the scope of learning and training provided by leading program committee. With experienced and expert teachers in the field of structure and cell biology, I am certain that in the course of five year I can finish my research and excel with flying colors.

Md Mahfuzur Rahman

Md Mahfuzur RahmanCellular Regulation II(Enrollment in 2014)
After joining the leading program, I learned the most advanced techniques for structural analysis like X-ray Crystallography, XFEL, Electron Microscopy, Vibrational Spectroscopy, Neutron Diffraction, NMR (Nuclear magnetic resonance) and more in the first year. The best part of this program is that a student can learn all the advanced techniques in the first year and then they can choose their own interested field and laboratory for the PhD project.

Kunpei Yamanishi

Kunpei YamanishiProtein Crystallography I(Enrollment in 2014)
The unique characteristic of this program is that it aims for "the integration of structural and cellular biology." Based on this premise, and through activities such as equipment training (such as SPring-8, SACRA, etc.) and lab rotations, not only will you be able to increase your own expertise, but you will also be able to experience a wider variety of subject matter. Moreover, by studying abroad and doing internships, one will become equipped with the knowledge and communication skills required in today's society. While the sheer volume of work may be enormous, there is no mistaking that this will certainly be a fulfilling 5 years.

Noor Dina Binti Muhd Noor

Noor Dina Binti Muhd NoorProtein Crystallography(Enrolled 2013 Finished 2016)
It is extremely interesting to find out more on what triggers the mechanisms and functions that form a complex living cell. When I came across the content of this program, I believed that this is what I have been wanting. The Picobiology leading program paved the way for me to find answers from understanding the depths of atomic level. While I have been involved in this program for nearly two years, I have been dealing with great scientists, with great minds, great ideas, and experts in many fields, and working with top facilities. This is an ideal place—a stimulating scientific environment that I am dealing with! I have learned a lot since then, and I have another year to go. When I see other Pico members, how they have transformed from day 1 of this program until now, I am beginning to believe that this program has the potential to produce an able leader with the ability not only as a scientist but also someone who can lead others in creating a better life through science.