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oversea study program

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Accidental insurance for students during educational and research activities

All students including research students have to purchase accidental insurance for educational and research activities. This insurance covers any accidental injuries suffered during the educational and research activities.

Accidents covered by this insurance

During curricular course

Accidents during class, lectures, experimental class or practical training.
Accidents during research work under the supervision of Professors.
Accidents during the preparation or clearance of classes under the supervision of Professors.

During official activities

Accidents during official activities performed by the University office such as entrance ceremony, graduation ceremony or orientations.

During the stay in the campus facilities

Accidents during the attendance at the campus facilities such as lunch break or breaks between classes.

During extracurricular activity admitted officially by University office

Accidents during any extracurricular activities organized by the University office irrespective of the place.

During the trip to or from the campus

Accidents during the trip between campus and ones home for curricular classes, extracurricular classes or official activities.

Accidents during transportation between facilities belonging to University

To be covered by this insurance, the extracurricular activities must be organized by University office.

When injured in an accident

Visit or contact to the student affairs office as soon as possible if you are injured in an accident.  You have to send an application form to the insurance company within 30 days of the accident.  The application form is available at the student affairs office

Coverage during curricular or official activities during other activities
death payout 20,000,000 10,000,000
sequela insurance amount 900,000 - 30,000,000 450,000 - 15,000,000
exclusion of liability 3 days 14 days
(7 days for accidents during commuting)
payment for hospitalization 4,000 per day 4,000 per day

Insurance may not be paid for some accidents during activities such as dangerous sports.

Optional insurance

If you want, you can purchase optional insurance for accidents you might cause to other persons or properties.