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oversea study program

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Healthcare room

The healthcare room is open from 9:00 to 17:00 on weekdays.
Consultation is also possible via letter or phone.
Address: Healthcare room, University of Hyoto,
3-2-1 Kohto, Kamigohri, Ako-gun, Hyogo 678-1297
Phone: 0791-58-0102 (ex 251)

The healthcare room is managed for the healthcare of all students. Health outreach workers will willingly help your mental and physical health. Please do not hesitate to visit the healthcare room if you need to. The followings are some examples we can do for you:

1. When you suffer injury, or when you feel bad. If the condition is not so serious, we can give you first aid. If your condition is serious, we will call a medical agency for you.

2. When you need information on mental or physical healthcare.

3. When you need some certification of medical examination, such as for proceeding to higher education, job application or extracurricular activities. The certification will be issued based on the regular medical examination held in April. 4

. When you need certification to apply for accidental insurance for students during educational and research activities.

5. When you want to check your health condition (height, weight or body fat).

6. When you want to post a letter on harassment.

7. When you want to consult something.

Consulting on mental and physical health

When you need, you can consult the school physician, who will visit our campus periodically. This is free, but you may need to book in advance for the consultation. We have three school doctors; psychiatrist, clinical psychotherapist and physician. The physician will help you quit smoking.

Regular medical examination

All students are requested to get a medical checkup every year. It will be held in April, and the schedule will be announced in advance.