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oversea study program

oversea study program

Oversea Study Orogram

Oversea Study Program

Facilities for gymnastic exercises

1. The following facilities are located in the campus field.


Athletic field

Tennis court

Students are able to use the following facilities by advanced application.

2. Available time.

3. Available units.

4. Application.

(1)Advanced application /Advanced application is necessary before 15:00 on Friday for use on weekends.(For use on holidays, application is necessary before 15:00on the previous day)
Students can apply on the first working day of the month 2 months in advance.
E.g., if you want to use on 10th October, you can apply 1st August. But, if it is on a weekend or holiday, you must wait until the next working day.
Availability can be checked in the student affairs office.
An application form is provided in the student affairs office.
A key to the booked facility will be provided to the applicant at the booked time at the student affairs office.

(2)Availability on the day Facilities are not available without advanced booking on weekends and holidays.
If there are no bookings on the day, one can obtain permission to use the facility at the student affairs office.
To use, one must present an application form.

5. Guidelines of penalties.

Those who cause someone trouble(s) or who act against the rules are not allowed to use the facilities for 3 months.

6. Users are expected to act in a manner based on common sense.