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oversea study program

oversea study program

Oversea Study Orogram

Oversea Study Program

After-School Jobs

To those who need to work in after-school jobs.

As is described in Handbook for Students, it is not desirable to work in after-school jobs. This is because such kind of work may disturb school work (research work) to some extent. Accordingly, information on job offers will be shown in the student affairs office only for those who canŽÕt continue school work without working in after-school jobs. Unfavorable jobs for students which are listed in the ŽŅexamples of the restricted jobs for working studentsŽÓ will not be offered in the student affairs office.
A list of job offers will be posted on the display board outside of the student affairs office. It is recommended for students seeking the after-school jobs to confirm the details of the labor conditions by themselves. Examples of restricted jobs for working students

¢£Works associated with danger

  1. Handling of automatic machines such as a lathe turning machine, drilling machine or grass cutter.
  2. Handling of high-voltage or high-pressure gas.
  3. Driving of vehicles or motorcycles (including assistant work).
  4. etc.

¢£Works associated with hazard

  1. Handling of hazardous chemicals including agrichemicals.
  2. Work under extremely high or low temperature.
  3. Work under extremely noisy or dusty environment, hazardous gas.
  4. etc.

¢£Works of violation of law.

  1. Something to intervene labor dispute.
  2. Fixing up someone to a recruitment agency which do not have license.
  3. Multilevel distributionship or similar marketing.
  4. Work with gender segregation.
  5. Flyer distribution without permission.
  6. etc.

¢£Educationally unfavorable work.

  1. Door-to-door sales.
  2. Work in gambling places.
  3. Office counter work associated with large amounts of money.
  4. Work in shops offering entertainment and amusement.
  5. All supporting work relating to elections.
  6. Work for credit agency.
  7. etc.

¢£Unfavorable job offers

  1. Work related to elections.
  2. Missionary work.
  3. Jobs with registration system.
  4. etc.