University of Hyogo School of Science

Intoroduction for Faculty of Science

Department of Life Science

The staff of this department allow the students to realize the ways for analyzing the biological phenomena, and educate them not only as bioscientists and biotechnologists but as the men and women contributable generally to the society Biological phenomena have the stratified structure: the levels of molecule, cell, individual, community, etc. We take notice of molecular level of biological phenomena. To clarify the function of biomolecules, it is necessary to integrate physical, chemical, physiological and structural approaches

To approach biological phenomena, one should understand the property of biological materials: virus, colon bacillus, yeast, cultured cell, and tissues of plants or animals. Furthermore, one must utilize elementary to innovative instruments such as microscopy, spectroscopy, etc. and learn to handle biomolecules.
Throughout a 4 year curriculum, experiments occupy the major portion, as only experiment give the students opportunities to manipulate biological materials and instruments and to think about biological phenomena and to make reports with scientific logic. We set up three courses to level up the students in their ability and skills towards the biospecialists. The biomaterial course is for students to be interested in the physical chemistry aspect of biological phenomena. The biomolecule course intends to educate chemical aspects of biological phenomena, and the Cell course to educate the aspects of cell physiology in biological phenomena. We also cover the education and research on environmental earth science to clarify the dynamics of the earth crust that support the activities of lives.
Department of Life Science