University of Hyogo School of Science

Introduction for Faculty of Science

Introduction for Faculty of Science

Introduction for Faculty of Science

Intoroduction for Faculty of Science

Department of Material Science

Characteristics of the department

In this department, the student can learn the nature and mechanistic insight of materials and with flexible ideas, can apply the results to interdisciplinary fields.

1 The students are able to learn the forefront science and technology and to become a scientist of a new scientific field.

Based on the education of basic sciences such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, life science, earth science, information science, the education and the research systems of forefront fields of science and technology such as quantum mechanics, condensed matter physics, electromagnetism are being put forward. The education system intends to bring up students while learning systematically and broadly the knowledge and skills of science and technology for the next generation and to become leading scientists in the 21st century.

2 The students are able to gain the profound understanding and insight about the properties and reactions of materials

The education system is widely extended and comprehensive with a unique curriculum so that the students can learn the subjects of a variety of scientific fields systematically to understand and see the properties of materials from different viewpoints and to synthesize new materials.

3 The students are able to select the subjects divided by courses to lead a specific scientific field

Depending on the aspiration and aptitude of each student, three learning courses are provided, that is,basic theory of condensed matter,condensed matter physics, and chemistry of materials. The students can learn and understand the properties of condensed matter from various viewpoints and also can learn the knowledge of synthesizing new materials from basic to higher levels systematically.